A distiller, a F&B professional and their joint venture.

Klaus Leopold, a native Austrian and passionate bartender, lives in Singapore. Since 2014, he has been running his own Austrian tapas wine bar.

Enter Josef Farthofer, a multi-award winning organic distiller living in Öhling, Mostviertel. Many miles and hours in Austria, Klaus found out that Josef Farthofer received the award for the world’s best vodka in London. He sought Josef out and a short time later, the first meeting took place in Austria.

Klaus Leopold started importing Austrian wines and spirits in 2015. The cooperation with Josef began here. The distillery Farthofer is already internationally known for the production of high-quality organic spirits and places great value on sustainable management. Not only are all raw materials organic, but all residuals are recycled in the ecological cycle.

After several years of cooperation, the first ventures were discussed with regard to a joint product. The inspiring idea was seeded by Klaus Leopold. The choice for the right partner was not difficult for him: Josef Farthofer. Klaus wrote him an email with his ideas and vision. Three very specific requirements were important to Klaus: The Sloe Gin should have an alcohol content of less than 30%, 100% bio and dry. The Organic Sloe Gin was born.

One year has since passed. Many flights, much time spent between Austria and Singapore were covered; many tasting sessions until the right recipe was found. The result is a Sloe Gin with natural and elegant tones; fruity but perfectly balanced with herbs.