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farthofer, organic gin 700ml – OKTOBERFEST SPECIAL!

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COUNTRY: austria

REGION: mostviertel

DESCRIPTION: on the palate it is characterised by mild spices, a great deal of finesse in its interplay of juniper and orange aromas, delicate acidity and refined pungency in the finish. use exclusively organic juniper, coriander, lavender and orange rind. o-gin is made from 24 various botanical. the taste of these in the finished distillate cannot be too intrusive, and must harmonise with juniper and coriander. java pepper imparts a fine spicy note to the o-gin. the high-proof o-gin matures for up to twelve months in a stainless steel vessel, so that it can properly develop its character. only then is the o-gin married with water from the primeval stone of the estate’s well in the mühlviertel and rectified.

ACCOLADE: iwsc bronze in 2014

iwsc silver outstanding in 2013